We’re a community of local real estate investors & entrepreneurs.

DC Real Estate Investors + Entrepreneurs (DCREIE) is a trade association for real estate investors and entrepreneurs. We provide networking opportunities, educational events, and advocate on behalf of the real estate investing industry.

We are excited to be the Northeast’s fastest-growing, community of real estate investors, landlords, wholesalers, retailers, creative buyers, lease/option experts and entrepreneurs!

DC Real Estate Investors + Entrepreneurs | DCREIE is a diverse, multi-cultural REIA in Metropolitan DC and your premier real estate investing and entrepreneurship resource. We will boost your knowledge, confidence, motivation, and network of contacts at an accelerated pace that is not possible alone. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, DCREIE can help with all your real estate training needs. We have created the most dynamic community of real estate investors in the local area, and we are dedicated to contributing to your growth.

Our community is open to new and experienced wealth builders who value:

  • Local, in-the-trenches knowledge and experience within our community
  • In-depth training on a variety of investing strategies
  • Education on tactics and ethics; benefits and risks
  • Sharing resources, from funding to referrals
  • The support and confidence of like-minded, prosperity-focused individuals

Learn Real Estate Investing

The resources you have available to you can make or break your real estate business. At DCREIE, we are dedicated to providing you with real estate education from all areas of the real estate industry. Our educational meetings are structured to provide valuable information that you can put into practice whether you are new to real estate or have been investing for years. 

We look to provide our members with access to quality speakers that present us with value and insight that can be applied to your real estate business. Our intimate meeting environment is a great place to really connect with the speakers and learn the information being presented. Since we all know what it’s like to go to another real estate sales pitch, we make sure to invite speakers who are providing valuable information.

We are always looking to bring our members the information they are interested in. Let us know what you want to hear!

Connected Investors

Make strong, lasting connections by connecting with like-minded investors in a safe environment who are walking the same path. When you’re engaged in a caring community you’ll never feel alone or unsure. 

Here are some of the community connections: 

Live DCREIE Meetings network, learn and meet other investors.

Community Showcases meet the best and those that will be.

DCREIE Directory build your team of agents, lawyers, closing agents, contractors, etc…

Beginner Investor Group education and networking group for getting started in real estate or getting back into it.

Victory Laps celebrating newer member’s first deals and seasoned member’s biggest deals to encourage & educate.

Cashflow Meetups learn investing in a safe fun atmosphere.

Connecting With Your Powerful Real Estate Network

Building a Power Team is one of the most important parts of setting up your real estate business for success. At the DCREIE, we bring the network to you each month to help you build your network! Our members are at all levels of experience and from all areas of real estate, giving you the opportunity to meet people who you want to work with.

DCREIE members enjoy our comfortable, intimate atmosphere because it allows for great networking with the attendees. You’ll meet new people, trade information, and build the team you need to make real estate deals.

DCREIE Mission Statement

DC Real Estate Investors + Entrepreneurs (DCREIE) provides education, training, and networking opportunities for both novice and experienced real estate investors, while promoting high ethical standards and a positive influence in our community.

DCREIE Members Code of Ethics

The DC Real Estate Investors + Entrepreneurs (DCREIE) member is civic-minded and operates according to the highest ethical standards. The DCREIE member should recognize that the interests of the community require the highest and best use of the land and it’s buildings. The DCREIE member recognizes the need for adequate housing and the preservation of a healthful environment. The members of the DCREIE share a common responsibility to maintain and improve housing. 

By accepting these standards, every DCREIE member pledges to conduct his business in accordance to the articles set below:

  • The DCREIE member shall provide safe and sanitary housing.
  • The DCREIE member should keep themselves informed on matters affecting housing in their community.
  • The DCREIE member shall keep themselves informed regarding local, state, and federal laws.
  • The DCREIE member will not discriminate against any person for reasons of race, age, religion, creed, sex, country of national origin, children, marital status, or disability.
  • The DCREIE member will recognize that residents are our customers and we are in a service industry.
  • The DCREIE member has an obligation to help another member whenever possible.
  • The DCREIE member will not engage in any illegal practices and will always conduct themselves in a professional manner.
  • The DCREIE member will not cheat, wrong, or defraud any other member, owner, or resident.
  • The DCREIE member will be aware of the needs and concerns of our community and as a property owner, will make every effort to respond to those needs and concerns.

Questions about membership, contact us or join here.