Individual Membership Benefits

DC Real Estate Investors + Entrepreneurs | DCREIE is your premier real estate investing, entrepreneurship and educational resource. We will boost your knowledge, confidence, motivation, and network of contacts at an accelerated pace that is not possible alone. Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting out, DCREIE can help with all your real estate training needs. We have created the most dynamic community of real estate investors in the local area, and we are dedicated to contributing to your growth.

Community For Connecting

Make strong, lasting connections by connecting with like-minded investors in a safe environment who are walking the same path. When you’re engaged in a caring community you’ll never feel alone or unsure.

Here are some of the community connections: 

Live DCREIE Meetings network, learn and meet other investors.

Community Showcases meet the best and those that will be.

DCREIE Directory build your team of agents, lawyers, closing agents, contractors, etc…

Beginner Investor Group education and networking group for getting started in real estate or getting back into it.

Victory Laps celebrating newer member’s first deals and seasoned member’s biggest deals to encourage & educate.

Cashflow Meetups learn investing in a safe fun atmosphere.

DCREIE Individual Membership | $215

Annual Membership

  • National Speaker Talks
  • Investor Education Subgroups
  • Monthly Group Coaching
  • Online Discussion Groups
  • Money Back Guarantee