Fixer-Upper 101

The Smart Way to Real Estate Profits

Instructor: Dana Ash-McGinty, The Real Estate Maven


Module 1
Benefits of Renovating/Repairing Property
Module 2
Getting Ready or the Renovation
Module 3
Finding Good Contractors
Module 4
Financing the Project
Module 5
Financing the Right Property
Module 6
Negotiating Terms
Module 7
Adding to Property Value
Module 8
Finding Properties
Module 9
Upgrading to a First-Class Property
Module 10
Repair, Renovate or Reject
Module 11
Repair Projects for the Beginner
Module 12
Full Scale Renovation
Module 13
The Financial Benefits of Repair vs. Improvements
Module 14
Maintaining a Good Mental Attitude

To help you get started, we’ve put together documents that you’ll find beneficial when working on your fixer-up.

The Real Estate Flipper Essentials Contract Pack

  • Scope of Work (SOW)
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • W-9
  • Insurance Indemnification
  • Payment Schedule
  • Final and Unconditional Lien Waiver